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Fri 11/05/2018


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Mon 14/05/2018


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England President's Tour Group Gala

On Tuesday 13 March 2018 the Club was honoured with a visit by the England President's Tour Group.

This auspicious occasion has been recorded with this Gallery of photographs:

The photographs include a few featuring our Member 87 year old Sam Reeves who had been counting down on sleeps from the day he learned that we were to host the President's  Touring Group.
Sam's brothers Len and Bob play out of the Victory Club in Portsmouth and he was certain that under the 6 Degrees of Separation Rule (actually 2 degrees in New Zealand) he would find someone who knew them.
On making the enquiry (almost before the crew was off the bus) a link was established - Sam's brother Bob's wife Shirley was a Pink Hat Society fellow member with one of the touring party.
Just a few weeks later I was enjoying a quiet lunch in a pub in Mackay, Queensland, Australia when the peace was shattered with the arrival of, would you believe it, a team of chattering Pink Hatters. With my newly found knowledge of the PH Society I was allowed a photo opportunity to send back to Portsmouth with greetings from the Mackay Chapter. Hopefully this will come to the attention of the friend of Sam's sister-in-law.


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